Seeking the Light Within to Restore Balance

Empedocles, the 5th century BCE Greek philosopher, put forth the notion that all of life contains the 4 elements of fire, earth, air and water.

Through the expression of the four elements and the modalities of cardinal, fixed and mutable – a Universal language is born that gives expression to human nature as experienced through the 12 archetypes.

Through a combination of these archetypes I share my wisdom and philosophies for creating and living a balanced life.

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Resolve to Heal and Accept Your Truth

Cracks and breaks are where the Light of Our truth is able to shine through.

A life of spirit or spirituality is about acceptance of our own truth. Dare to be You…Yet do You in a way that serves your Higher Self.

Addiction has become a crisis within the fantasy world of Hollywood. Over the years we have lost countless beloved celebrities due to their strong need to feel grounded in out of balanced existence.

To name a few we have lost over the years include:

Kurt Cobain, Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Chris Farley, Anna Nicole Smith, Joan Rivers, River Phoenix, Margeaux Hemingway, Len Bias, Truman Capote, Heath Ledger, David Kennedy, John Belushi, Elvis Presley, Keith Moon, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplan, Brittany Murphy, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe

All of these premature deaths were completely preventable, if only the person was willing to surrender to the ‘what is’ of their own reality. Although accepting such and knowing how to do so is life’s grandest challenge.

One must be willing to be striped free of life as we know in order to build anew.

Great success stories of overcoming our addictive behaviors is what I want share with you.

By understanding and knowing a person’s natal chart and working with the elements of fire, earth, air and water we will look at what drives and motivates these individuals/ these celebrities toward their higher purpose.

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Addiction behavior goes beyond just drugs and alcohol to include daily habits that are no longer serving you. For example, this may stem from sexual behavior, eating habits, shopping, gambling, or simply playing the role of perfectionist or victim.

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Sharing my Wounds – Cervical Dystonia

The body becomes wounded in order to heal the spirit. Physical and emotional healing comes from within by accepting the ‘what is’ ultimately leading us toward inner peace and joy.

20 years ago when I crashed my car into other vehicles that we coming at me as they were confusingly turned about on a wet paved road in a construction zone. As I was approaching the speed limit there was nowhere for me to move to get out of harm’s way. I felt as though my car was moving in slow motion as I slammed on the brakes, just then an angelic vision of my father appeared and all I could hear was his voice saying ‘daughter, your life will never be the same”. At the moment of impact I pumped my fist on the gear shift, miffed that I just destroyed my car to no fault of my own. I walked away from the scene unharmed yet still dazed by my father’s image – he was alive and well at the time, plus with his history I was sure God would not have put him on the angel list.

Within days or weeks of that accident my head began to turn to the right violently and uncontrollably. My neck muscles were in severe spasm, it felt as though I had a bag of puppies jumping around in a thousand directions. I felt possessed as if some outer force gained entry into my being coercing my body to twist and turn and move in ways that were not humanly comfortable. As the weeks and months progressed I found that the twisting of my head and neck made it impossible for me to trust eating solid food in fear of swallowing difficulties. I often had to lie on the floor to eat because it was the only way I could attempt to get my neck and body straight. With my head being yanked and pulled it was challenging to walk straight and balance myself, walking into walls and falling off of sidewalk became the norm – I felt like a drunken sailor, only now the spirit consumed was my own. Dressing myself, showering, even brushing my teeth was a struggle when I couldn’t hold my head still long enough to make the right mechanical movement to do these simple tasks. My neck and shoulders muscles were at war with each other, the constant moving and twisting of my upper body was endless and painful. I would twist myself right out of a chair while sitting, maybe not much a problem unless that seat was the toilet. I soon thought of myself as physically hideous, I began to isolate and withdraw due to the shame and embarrassment of the involuntary posturing of my now disabled body – my new normal. I spent little time with my son and my family – it was just too physically demanding to be around anyone with my body constantly moving – it was exhausting! I lost my job, my income, my friendships, my ability to safely drive, my social standing and mostly – I lost my identity as I knew it.

I was eventually given the diagnosis of cervical dystonia – a condition that is said ‘to have no cure!’ Dystonia is defined as a neurological/neuromuscular movement disorder that causes the body to contract and spasm involuntarily creating abnormal posturing and positioning/twisting to that portion of the body. It originates in the brain similar to Parkinson’s disease. (Michael J Fox has both PD and dystonia).

I was 35 years old and I had no life. And I didn’t want the resemblance of the life I now had. Jesus died at age 33. Buddha became enlightened at age 35 and now Linda had to go searching for her truth in order to transcend the physical reality of her being.

All of US – if they are lucky enough – are provided such a circumstance and life lesson to seek the God within.

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